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Project: Glasgow Gritting,

Subproject: TrackYou

This is one half of the system for the Glasgow Gritting project. PHP server-side scripts do data processing of XML files generated by the Glasgow City Council's "TrackYou" GPS tracking system

The scripts in this repository generate CSV, RSS and KML files from the TrackYou XML data for the open data download archives. These files are then aggregated by the Drupal content management system for display on the Glasgow Gritting website. Code for the Drupal installation will be available in a separate repository.

For more details and links to the downloadable data see

The source XML files are in a format that only Glasgow Council will have as TrackYou wrote a system specifically for the council to generate these files. You can see an anonymised version of the kind of source data processed by this system inside the sampledata directory. N.B. The code is tightly bound to the structure of the TrackYou data.

Produced by IRISS, for Glasgow City Council,

This project was supported by Nesta - Make it Local Scotland