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A C# DotNetNuke WebFormsMVP sample module project
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Latest commit b114407 @irobinson Updated to DNN 6
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BeerCollectionMVP.Tests Refactored templating & provider discovery.
BuildScripts Added settings
Common Refactored templating & provider discovery.
Components Refactored templating & provider discovery.
Data Refactored templating & provider discovery.
Dependencies Updated to DNN 6
Presentation SlideDeck Added presentation slide deck and readme
Resources Added settings
Templates/Default Added settings
AddBeer.ascx Added a couple more fields to the UI that were already in the database.
AddBeer.ascx.cs Added a couple more fields to the UI that were already in the database.
BeerCollection.ascx Added some proof in concept (somewhat contrived, but still kind of co…
BeerCollection.ascx.cs Corrected module actions code - syntax errors.
BeerCollection.ascx.designer.cs Added some proof in concept (somewhat contrived, but still kind of co…
BeerCollection.dnn Updated to DNN 6
BeerCollectionMVP.csproj Updated to DNN 6
BeerCollectionMVP.sln Refactored templating & provider discovery.
BeerCollectionSettings.ascx.cs Refactored templating & provider discovery.
BeerCollectionSettings.ascx.designer.cs Added settings
BeersToDrinkSoon.ascx Updated templating structure to be file based. Implemented templating…
BeersToDrinkSoon.ascx.cs Initial Check-in
BeersToDrinkSoon.ascx.designer.cs Initial Check-in
BeersToDrinkSoonSettings.ascx Added settings
BeersToDrinkSoonSettings.ascx.cs Refactored templating & provider discovery.
BeersToDrinkSoonSettings.ascx.designer.cs Added settings
Settings.StyleCop Implemented StringTemplate for BeerCollections view & updated usage e…
TraceAndTestImpact.testsettings Initial Check-in
readme.txt Made relevant based on recent work


This is a sample application used to demonstrate concepts/tools brought up in my unit testing presentation (WebFormsMVP, IOC w/ DNN's SimpleContainer, MOQ, MBunit).

In addition, I've recently expanded the module to be a proof in concept for using StringTemplate as a DNN module templating engine.
It uses MSBuild scripts to build installable DNN module packages when in release mode. You'll need the MSBuild Community Tasks installed for that to work.

Please review the slide deck PDF and also let me know if you would like to discuss.
Find my contact info in the slide deck or ping me on twitter @irobinson.
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