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Instructions below are for testing the development code. Subject to change.


  • *nix
  • Python 3.4+
  • Redis 4.0+. To download and install Redis see here
  • virtualenv


It is recommended to install this package in a virtual environment, e.g:

Make a virtual environment:

virtualenv -p python3 testenv3

Activate the virtual environment:

source testenv3/bin/activate

Install the latest PRC code from github:

pip install git+

Install this repository's current development branch:

pip install git+


Start redis:

cd REDIS_DIR/src

From our virtual environment call the main app, e.g:

irodsqueue --help
irodsqueue ingest --help

Enqueue ingest jobs, for example to ingest a directory into iRODS:

irodsqueue ingest -f --timer /PATH/TO/LOCAL/DIR

Once we have jobs in the queue we can launch workers to process them. Each worker is its own process. We use a custom worker class that opens and maintains iRODS sessions. Open a separate terminal and activate our same virtual environment as above.

Test your iRODS connection:


Launch 16 worker processes (e.g. in bash):

for i in {1..16}; do sleep .1; rq worker -v --burst -w irodsqueue.irodsworker.IrodsWorker & done


You can specify a metadata extraction function to invoke as part of the ingest process, by using the --metadata option when enqueuing jobs. The value should be the path to a python file containing a function named extract_metadata. See examples

Enqueue jobs with metadata extraction:

irodsqueue ingest -f --extract-metadata ~/tests/metadata/ --timer /PATH/TO/LOCAL/DIR

Enqueue jobs with file checksums:

irodsqueue ingest -Kf --timer /PATH/TO/LOCAL/DIR
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