Code for the PAC-Bayes Control paper.
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Code for paper:

"PAC-Bayes Control: Synthesizing Controllers that Provably Generalize to Novel Environments"

Authors: Anirudha Majumdar and Maxwell Goldstein

Link to paper:

The code here provides a complete implementation of the Relative Entropy Programming version of the approach presented in the paper on the obstacle avoidance example.




SCS solver:

Running the code

The script will run everything. In particular, it will:

  • Optimize the PAC-Bayes controller using Relative Entropy Programming.

  • Estimate the true expected cost for the optimized controller on novel environments in order to compare with the PAC-Bayes bound (In order to speed things up, we use a small number of environments here. A large number of samples should be used for a more accurate estimate, as is done in the paper.)

  • Visualize the controller running on a number of test environments.

Description of the other files: Solves the Relative Entropy Program for optimizing PAC-Bayes controllers. Contains a number of utility functions for performing simulations (e.g., generating obstacle environments, implementing the robot's dynamics, simulating the depth sensor, etc.). Self-contained implementation for computing the KL inverse using Relative Entropy Programming.