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Docker Worker

What is this?

Use the Docker stacks to locally dev and test your IronWorker workers in the exact same environment it will have when running remotely on the IronWorker cloud.

The New Workflow

The new workflow is much simpler and quicker. The general workflow is the following:

  1. Create your worker. All dependencies must in the current directory or in sub-directories.
  2. Create an input/payload example file (check this into source control as an example)
  3. Run your worker locally inside an Stack container.
  4. Debug/test until you get it working properly.
  5. Once it works like you want it to, upload it to IronWorker. You should only have to do this once until you want to make changes.

Getting Started

1. You'll need Docker installed and running on your machine to use this. Run:

docker info

This should print information about your Docker installation. If it doesn't, you don't have Docker setup properly.

2. You'll want to install the new Iron cli tool as well (not totally necessary, but makes things a lot easier):

curl -sSL | sh

Or if you'd prefer to download it yourself, you can grab the latest release from here:

3. Check that the Iron cli tool was installed properly:

iron --version

4. Clone this repo:

git clone

And cd into the directory:

cd dockerworker

Now you're ready to try the examples, choose the directory for the language you want to try.


Windows Users

If you are using boot2docker on Windows, please note the following:

The Linux VM in the boot2docker VirtualBox maps the c/Users directory in the VM instance to the C:\Users folder in Windows. So be sure your source code for your worker is in a folder under C:\Users, then cd to that folder in the context of the VM (in Boot2Docker terminal) and run it from there.


The new IronWorker workflow examples. Test locally, then upload and start queuing jobs!






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