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- ['Celery for Python', '/celery']
-You can use IronMQ as a highly available message broker for [Celery]( (and optionally IronCache as a
-result store).
+[Celery]( is a task queue for Python. Originally developed as part of the [Django]( framework,
+it was split off into its own project and has quickly become the standard for task processing in Python.
-It's easy:
+Celery supports multiple technologies for it's queue broker including RabbitMQ, Redis, and IronMQ. There are many advantages to choosing IronMQ
+over the others. To name a few:
+1. Instant high availability
+1. No servers, maintenance, or scaling to worry about
+1. Greater job visibility with IronMQ dashboards
+For more information, visit [](
+## Getting Started
+Celery was designed to easily change your broker which makes changing to IronMQ as easy as 1-2-3.
1. Install iron_celery: `pip install iron_celery`
1. add `import iron_celery`
1. set `BROKER_URL = 'ironmq://project_id:token@'`
-That's pretty much it! More info at: [](
+## Further Reading
+Official Client Docs: [](
+Getting Started Blog Post: [](

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