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Added note on dependency management for Node.

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{% endhighlight %}
+### Packaging Dependencies
+If you're using NPM modules within your worker, you're going to need to package those dependencies when you upload the worker. To do this, add a `dir "node_modules"` line and a `file "package.json"` line to your .worker file:
+<figcaption><span>hello.worker </span></figcaption>
+{% highlight ruby %}
+# set the runtime language; this should be "node" for Node.js workers
+runtime "node"
+# exec is the file that will be executed when you queue a task
+exec "hello_worker.js" # replace with your file
+dir "node_modules" # include dependency files when uploading
+file "package.json" # include dependency manifest when uploading
+{% endhighlight %}

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