Combine all /worker/languages pages #237

paddyforan opened this Issue Oct 31, 2012 · 3 comments

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All /worker/languages pages should use the same template, and we should just be plugging in words, phrases, and code samples. There's no reason to be maintaining half a dozen versions of the same exact page.

Ideally, I'd like to remove all those pages, and just include the information they had in /worker, with a language switcher--it seems like we have two "Getting Started" guides in Dev. I'd like to only have one. Thoughts on that? @frommww? @carimura? @dstaley?

@frommww member

As long as there is enough information to go from step 1 to step zeta. Hate it when docs have only partial data and you have to move to a couple of them to piece them together.


@frommww The main idea (at least behind this issue) is to combine /worker (the main getting started) with /worker/languages/ruby, /worker/languages/php, /worker/languages/python, etc into one article that the viewer can easily switch to their language.

@frommww member

no objections here.

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