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couple more nitpicks #290

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Paul Salaets Chad Arimura
Paul Salaets

Took "upload" out of caption to be consistent with previous terminology:

  • upload code packages to define worker
  • queue up task for worker to process

The code block queues a task

Chad Arimura carimura merged commit d11e28c into from
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Feb 18, 2013
Paul Salaets add an s 959992a
Paul Salaets reword caption 14aab8f
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  1. 4  worker/languages/ruby/
4  worker/languages/ruby/
Source Rendered
@@ -116,10 +116,10 @@ Retrieving the payload in Ruby workers is a bit different—some of the
116 116
 clients take care of the dirty work for you. So while it's still the same 
117 117
 process—get the `-payload` argument passed to the script at runtime, 
118 118
 read the file it specifies, and parse the JSON contained within that file—
-the official client library takes care of that for you and let you just access 
+the official client library takes care of that for you and lets you just access
120 120
 the payload as a variable at runtime. Here's an example:
121 121
-In the upload script:
+In the task queuing script:
123 123
 {% highlight ruby %}
124 124
 require 'iron_worker_ng'
125 125

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