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Using dotnet with functions

Make sure you downloaded and installed dotnet. Now create an empty dotnet project in the directory of your function:

dotnet new

By default dotnet creates a Program.cs file with a main method. To make it work with IronFunction's fn tool please rename it to func.cs. Now change the code as you desire to do whatever magic you need it to do. Once done you can now create an iron function out of it.

Creating an IronFunction

Simply run

fn init <username>/<funcname>

This will create the func.yaml file required by functions, which can be built by running:

Build the function docker image

fn build

Push to docker

fn push

This will create a docker image and push the image to docker.

Publishing to IronFunctions

fn routes create <app_name> </path>

This creates a full path in the form of http://<host>:<port>/r/<app_name>/<function>


fn run


fn call <app_name> <funcname>


curl http://<host>:<port>/r/<app_name>/<function>