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Getting Started
-First you need a token and project_id from your account. Login at
-to get it.
+Clone this repo:
-To run in development, run:
+ git clone
+Now cd into the directory:
- IRON_WORKER_TOKEN=my_token IRON_WORKER_PROJECT_ID=my_project_id rackup -p 3000
+ cd heroku_sinatra_example
+Install required gems:
-To run on heroku:
+ sudo bundle install
- heroku addons:add iron_worker
- heroku addons:add iron_mq
+Now create a heroku app for it (this assumes you're already [logged into heroku](
+ heroku create --stack cedar
+Ok, now we're ready to run on Heroku, but first we need to add the Add-ons:
+ heroku addons:add iron_worker:starter
+ heroku addons:add iron_mq:rust
Then just push to heroku!
@@ -21,3 +30,15 @@ Live Demo
Here's a live running example of this app:
+To run in development, you need a token and project_id from your account. Login at
+to get it.
+Then start this sinatra app using this command, replacing my_token and my_project_id with your credentials:
+ IRON_WORKER_TOKEN=my_token IRON_WORKER_PROJECT_ID=my_project_id rackup -p 3000

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