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IronCache Python Client

IronCache is a scalable, managed cache from

Getting Started

Get Credentials

To use IronCache, you need to sign up and get your OAuth token.

Install iron_cache_python

You can install iron_cache_python in two ways:


iron_cache_python is available in the Python Package Index as "iron_cache". This means you can run pip install iron_cache or easy_install iron_cache from your command line to download iron_cache_python and all its dependencies.

From Source

You can also download the source from Github. Once you have the source, you can run python install from the directory containing the source code to install iron_cache_python.

Note: You will need the iron_core_python module for iron_cache_python to function.

Configure Your Client

iron_cache_python conforms to the standard configuration scheme that all official libraries use. This means your config files will work across languages and products.

Put Items In the Cache

from iron_cache import *

cache = IronCache()
item = cache.put(cache="test_cache", key="mykey", value="Hello IronCache!")
print item.value

Get an Item In the Cache

from iron_cache import *

cache = IronCache()
item = cache.get(cache="test_cache", key="mykey")
print item.value

Increment an Item's Value

from iron_cache import *

cache = IronCache()
cache.increment(cache="test_cache", key="mykey", amount=10)

Delete an Item From the Cache

from iron_cache import *

cache = IronCache()
cache.delete(cache="test_cache", key="mykey")


This software is released under the BSD 2-Clause License. You can find the full text of this license under LICENSE.txt in the module's root directory.

More Documentation & Support

More documentation can be found in the Dev Center. offers a public support chatroom that is staffed by employees around the clock. We would be more than happy to assist you.

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