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high concurrency errors: "HttpConnectionPool is full, discarding connection" #4

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I'm encountering quite a high number of the exceptions above while using Celery in a high concurrency environment (I'm using eventlet as a Celery worker pool). The workers subsequently get stuck in this loop and never consume the queue.

The error is due to urllib's connection pool maxsize being exceeded; is there a recommended way to handle high concurrency with IronMQ in these situations? According to the HUD, message rate peaked at about 500 messages/second.

It is worth noting that previously I used redis as both a broker and backend with no such issues. It appears the problem isn't with IronMQ but with the urllib http client being used by the IronMQ python library.

Perhaps a better http client (requests) should be used?


Turns out iron_celery already uses the requests library (via the iron_core library dependency).

These two closed issues on the requests tracker deal with the connection pool size:

@saidimu saidimu referenced this issue in iron-io/iron_core_python

Allow custom HTTP connection pool size #6


I submitted the above pull request #4 to iron_core_python to allow custom HTTP connection pools.

The problem now is to figure out how to pass on these parameters to the IronMQ object here:


Thanks @saidimu ... cc @iced @paddyforan for assistance if necessary


@saidimu thanks for the offer. But from customers who use iron_mq_python and iron_celery not had complaints about pool maxsize. In which case your pull request will remain for us as reference.

@ulandj ulandj closed this
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