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Java library for IronMQ.

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IronMQ Java Client

Getting Started

There are three ways to get this package.

  1. Add it as a Maven dependency, using the repository

  2. Download the jar.

  3. Build from source with Apache Buildr:

    buildr package

The .jar file will appear under the target directory.

The Basics

The full API is documented here, but here are some quick snippets to get you started.

Initialize a client and get a queue object:

Client client = new Client("my project", "my token", Cloud.IronAWSUSEast);
Queue queue = client.queue("my_queue");

Push a message on the queue:

queue.Push("Hello, world!");

Pop a message off the queue:

Message msg = queue.get();

When you pop/get a message from the queue, it will not be deleted. It will eventually go back onto the queue after a timeout if you don't delete it. (The default timeout is 60 seconds.)

Delete a message from the queue:

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