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import iron_core
import urllib
import json
import simplejson as json
class Queue:
client = None
name = None
def __init__(self, mq, name):
"""Creates object for manipulating a queue.
mq -- An instance of IronMQ.
name -- The name of the queue.
self.client = mq.client = name
def info(self):
"""Execute an HTTP request to get details on a queue, and
return it.
url = "queues/%s" % (,)
result = self.client.get(url)
return result["body"]
def size(self):
"""Queue size"""
def id(self):
"""Queue ID"""
def total_messages(self):
"""Queue total messages count"""
def clear(self):
"""Executes an HTTP request to clear all contents of a queue.
url = "queues/%s/clear" % (,)
result =
return result['body']
def delete(self, message_id):
"""Execute an HTTP request to delete a message from queue.
message_id -- The ID of the message to be deleted.
url = "queues/%s/messages/%s" % (, message_id)
result = self.client.delete(url)
return result["body"]
def post(self, *messages):
"""Executes an HTTP request to create message on the queue.
Creates queue if not existed.
messages -- An array of messages to be added to the queue.
url = "queues/%s/messages" % (,)
msgs = [{'body':msg} if isinstance(msg, basestring) else msg
for msg in messages]
data = json.dumps({"messages": msgs})
result =, body=data,
return result['body']
def get(self, max=None):
"""Executes an HTTP request to get a message off of a queue.
Keyword arguments:
max -- The maximum number of messages to pull. Defaults to 1.
n = ""
if max is not None:
n = "&n=%s" % max
url = "queues/%s/messages?%s" % (, n)
result = self.client.get(url)
return result['body']
class IronMQ:
NAME = "iron_mq_python"
VERSION = "0.3"
client = None
name = None
def __init__(self, name=None, **kwargs):
"""Prepare a configured instance of the API wrapper and return it.
Keyword arguments are passed directly to iron_core_python; consult its
documentation for a full list and possible values."""
if name is not None: = name
self.client = iron_core.IronClient(name=IronMQ.NAME,
version=IronMQ.VERSION, product="iron_mq", **kwargs)
def queues(self, page=None):
"""Execute an HTTP request to get a list of queues and return it.
Keyword arguments:
page -- The 0-based page to get queues from. Defaults to None, which
omits the parameter.
options = {}
if page is not None:
options['page'] = page
query = urllib.urlencode(options)
url = "queues"
if query != "":
url = "%s?%s" % (url, query)
result = self.client.get(url)
return [queue["name"] for queue in result["body"]]
def queue(self, queue_name):
"""Returns Queue object.
queue_name -- The name of the queue.
return Queue(self, queue_name)
def getQueues(self, page=None, project_id=None):
return self.queues(page=page)
def getQueueDetails(self, queue_name, project_id=None):
return self.queue(queue_name).info()
def deleteMessage(self, queue_name, message_id, project_id=None):
return self.queue(queue_name).delete(message_id)
def postMessage(self, queue_name, messages=[], project_id=None):
return self.queue(queue_name).post(*messages)
def getMessage(self, queue_name, max=None, project_id=None):
return self.queue(queue_name).get(max=max)
def clearQueue(self, queue_name, project_id=None):
return self.queue(queue_name).clear()
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