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Ruby library for IronMQ.
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IronMQ Ruby Client

Getting Started

Install the gem:

gem install iron_mq

Create an IronMQ client object:

@ironmq ='token'=>'MYTOKEN', 'project_id'=>'MYPROJECTID')

You can get your token and project_id at .

The Basics

Push a message on the queue:

msg ="hello world!")
p msg

Pop a message off the queue:

msg = @ironmq.messages.get()
p msg

When you pop/get a message from the queue, it will NOT be deleted. It will eventually go back onto the queue after a timeout if you don't delete it (default timeout is 10 minutes).

Delete a message from the queue:

res = msg.delete # or @ironmq.messages.delete(msg["id"])
p res

Delete a message from the queue when you're done with it.

Queue Selection

One of the following:

  1. Pass :queue_name=>'my_queue' into
  2. @client.queue_name = 'my_queue'
  3. Pass :queue_name=>'my_queue' into any post(), get(), or delete()

Queue Information

queue = @client.queues.get(:name=>@client.queue_name)
puts "size: #{queue.size}"
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