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require 'cgi'
require 'yaml'
require 'broach'
# the payload we get from github needs to be decoded first
cgi_parsed = CGI::parse(payload)
puts "cgi_parsed: #{cgi_parsed.inspect}"
# Then we can parse the json
#parsed = JSON.parse(cgi_parsed)
#puts "parsed: #{parsed.inspect}"
parsed = cgi_parsed # seems to already be in a hash?
@event = parsed["event"][0]
# Also parse the config we uploaded with this worker for our Hipchat stuff
webhook_config = YAML.load_file('webhook_config.yml')
puts "webhook_config: #{webhook_config.inspect}"
campfire_config = webhook_config['campfire']
Broach.settings = {
'account' => campfire_config['account'],
'token' => campfire_config['token'],
'use_ssl' => true
Broach.speak(campfire_config['room'], @event)
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