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require 'open-uri'
require 'nokogiri'
require 'iron_worker_ng'
require 'iron_cache'
require 'iron_mq'
load 'url_utils.rb'
include UrlUtils
def process_page(url)
puts "Processing page #{url}"
#adding url to cache
@iron_cache_client.items.put(CGI::escape(url), {:status => "found"}.to_json)
#pushing url to iron_mq to process page
result =
puts "Message put in queue #{result}"
def crawl_domain(url, depth)
url_object = open_url(url)
#returning if url is empty
return if url_object == nil
parsed_url = parse_url(url_object)
#trying to parse url and returning if parsed url is nil
return if parsed_url == nil
#all good, scanning url for links
puts "Scanning URL:#{url}"
page_urls = find_urls_on_page(parsed_url, url)
puts "FOUND links:#{page_urls.count}"
page_urls.each_with_index do |page_url, index|
if urls_on_same_domain?(url, page_url)
pages_count = @iron_cache_client.items.get('pages_count').value
puts "Pages scanned:#{pages_count}"
puts "Page url #{page_url},index:#{index}"
#incrementing page counts
@iron_cache_client.items.put('pages_count', pages_count + 1)
return if pages_count >= params['page_limit']
puts "current depth:#{depth}"
#getting page from cache
page_from_cache = @iron_cache_client.items.get(CGI::escape(page_url))
if page_from_cache.nil?
#page not processed yet so lets process it and queue worker if possible
process_page(page_url) if open_url(page_url)
queue_worker(depth, page_url) if depth > 1
puts "Link #{page_url} already processed, bypassing"
def queue_worker(depth, page_url)
p = {:url => page_url,
:page_limit => params["page_limit"],
:depth => depth - 1,
:max_workers => params["max_workers"],
:iw_token => params["iw_token"],
:iw_project_id => params["iw_project_id"]
#queueing child worker or processing page in same worker
workers_count = @iron_cache_client.items.get('workers_count')
count = workers_count ? workers_count.value : 0
puts "Number of workers:#{count}"
if count < params['max_workers'] - 1
#launcing new worker
@iron_cache_client.items.put('workers_count', count+1)
@iron_worker_client.tasks.create("WebCrawler", p)
#processing in same worker - too many workers running
crawl_domain(page_url, depth-1)
@iron_worker_client.tasks.create("PageProcessor", p)
#initializing IW an Iron Cache
@iron_cache_client ={"token" => params['iw_token'], "project_id" => params['iw_project_id']})
@iron_worker_client = => params['iw_token'], :project_id => params['iw_project_id'])
@iron_mq_client = => params['iw_token'], :project_id => params['iw_project_id'])
#start crawling
crawl_domain(params['url'], params['depth']||1)
#decreasing number of workers - we need this in slave workers to say that this worker finish his work
# and system could queue new one
workers_count = @iron_cache_client.items.get('workers_count')
count = workers_count ? workers_count.value : 0
@iron_cache_client.items.put('workers_count', count-1) if count > 0
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