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from iron_worker import *
import pagerduty
import shutil
#here we have to include pagerduty library with worker.
worker_dir = os.path.dirname(__file__) + '/pagerduty'
pd_dir = os.path.dirname(pagerduty.__file__)
shutil.copytree(pd_dir, worker_dir + '/pagerduty') #copy it to worker directory
payload = {'pagerduty': {'service_key': PAGERDUTY_SERVICE_KEY}}
worker = IronWorker(config='config.ini')
IronWorker.zipDirectory(directory=worker_dir, destination='', overwrite=True)
res = worker.postCode(runFilename='', zipFilename='', name='pagerduty-py')
task = worker.postTask(name='pagerduty-py', payload=payload)
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