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Refactor Email Example (master/slave, IronMQ, _ng, php) #45

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1) convert email worker to _ng email_worker (and php)
2) should 2 smtp options - gmail,sendgrid
3) use master/slave and IronMQ

  • scheduled worker that puts set of user_ids on IronMQ, fires up slave workers
    • another method (commented out) could just fire up x number of workers to process.

4) slave workers take a number of ids off of IronMQ

  • processes them (should use user_id to fetch data for each user)
  • sends them
  • deletes the items from the queue
  • logs user_id, message_id, email status, and timestamp
  • simulate writing to user_id in db with message id, email status and timestamp somewhere (after completion of the email)

5) address using local storage in _ng since we no longer have user_dir.

  • upload .erb template and explain where it is (use a log command to log the files)
  • have a switch in the beginning of the worker that checks whether it's local or remote (not sure how to do that in _ng) and then sets the path appropriately.

6) create a twilio_worker that would send a text instead of send an email.

@rkononov rkononov was assigned

php one is ready to review

@frommww frommww closed this
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