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This is a sample worker that uses CarrierWave, RMagick, and ImageMagick to perform image manipulation using the IronWorker service.

1. Edit carrierwave.yml and fill in your IronWorker and AWS information.

  • Make sure the bucket exists.
  • You can find your IronWorker project_id and token by logging into and creating a new project.
  • The "Get Started" page will have your project_id and token.

2. Run "ruby carrierwave_worker_init.rb"

  • This will upload our sample image to S3 so that our sample worker will have an image to work with
  • It will then create a simple html page with a link to the uploaded image in S3.

3. Run "ruby carrierwave_worker_runner.rb".

This is the exciting part! Simply executing the runner will:

  • Take the code in carrierwave_worker.rb, upload it to our servers and queue it in our system.

You can then immediately view the job running in your jobs tab at

This particular sample should only take a few seconds to finish and then you can refresh the HTML page created in step 2 viewing the image that was modified in your worker.

That's it!

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