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  1. Sign up for free accounts at and
  2. git clone
  3. cd ruby_ng/twilio_insanity
  4. sudo bundle install (iron_worker_ng has the iron_worker command line interface)
  5. fill in values in config/config.yml file
  6. fill in values in workers/iron.json
  7. cd workers
  8. iron_worker upload send_insanity
  9. iron_worker upload twilio_webhook
  10. go to and in the SMS URL enter URL below (fill in your values) and make sure it's set to POST

To Run:

  1. return to twilio_insanity directory
  2. ruby web.rb
  3. browse to http://localhost:4567/
  4. enter your number click "Let's get Insane!"

Checking that things worked:

  • two uploaded code packages: SendInsanity and TwilioWebhook
  • one scheduled task
  • You'll get your first SMS
  • Go to IronCache and you'll see the cache created
  • Respond to the SMS with "done" to move the day forward

NOTE: If you're using a free Twilio account, you'll need to preface all SMS's with your "Sandbox Pin" Your response will look like this: "1234-5678 done"{PROJECT_ID}/tasks/webhook?code_name=TwilioWebhook&oauth={TOKEN}

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