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Hello Mono Worker!

This is one of the simplest workers you can run:

  1. Be sure you've setup your credentials, see main
  2. Compile your worker using Microsoft Visual Studio
    1. or if you're using mono: gmcs hello.cs or if you see message that Script doesn't exist then use gmcs -r:System.Web.Extensions.dll hello.cs
  3. Run iron_worker upload hello to upload the worker code package to IronWorker. This reads the hello.worker file to build the package. .worker files define the worker dependencies.
  4. Queue up a task:
    1. From command line: iron_worker queue hello --payload '{"query":"xbox"}'
    2. From code: Open enqueue.cs and edit it to set your token and project_id. Then compile and run it (mono users: gmcs enqueue.cs; mono enqueue.exe).
  5. Look at HUD to view your tasks running, check logs, etc.
  6. Schedule a task:
    1. From command line: iron_worker schedule hello --payload '{"query":"heyaa"}' --delay 5 --timeout 60 --start-at "12:30" --run-times 5 --run-every 70
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