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iron_worker_php is PHP language binding for IronWorker.

IronWorker is a massively scalable background processing system. See How It Works

Getting Started

Get credentials

To start using iron_worker_php, you need to sign up and get an oauth token.

  1. Go to and sign up.
  2. Get an Oauth Token at

Install iron_worker_php

Just copy IronWorker.class.php and include it in your script:

require_once "IronWorker.class.php"


Two ways to configure IronWorker:

  • Passing array with options:
$iw = new IronWorker(array(
    'token' => 'XXXXXXXXX',
    'project_id' => 'XXXXXXXXX'
  • Passing ini file name which stores your configuration options. Rename sample_config.ini to config.ini and include your credentials (token and project_id):
$iw = new IronWorker('config.ini');

Creating a Worker

Here's an example worker:

echo "Hello PHP World!\n";

Upload code to server

You can upload worker in one step:

# 1. Directory where worker files lies
# 2. This file will be launched as worker
# 3. Referenceable (unique) name for your worker
$iw->upload(dirname(__FILE__)."/hello_world/", 'HelloWorld.php', 'HelloWorld');

OR zip and upload separately:

  • Zip worker:
# Zip single file:
IronWorker::createZip(dirname(__FILE__), array('HelloWorld.php'), '', true);
# OR
# Zip whole directory:
IronWorker::zipDirectory(dirname(__FILE__)."/hello_world/", '', true);
  • Submit worker:
$res = $iw->postCode('HelloWorld.php', '', 'HelloWorld');

Where 'HelloWorld' is a worker name which should be used later for queueing and scheduling.

Worker examples

You can find plenty of good worker examples here: iron_worker_examples

Queueing a Worker

$task_id = $iw->postTask('HelloWorld');

Worker should start in a few seconds.

Scheduling a Worker

If you want to run your code more than once or run it in regular intervals, you should schedule it:

# 3 minutes from now
$start_at = time() + 3*60;

# Run task every 2 minutes, repeat 10 times
$iw->postScheduleAdvanced('HelloWorld', array(), $start_at, 2*60, null, 10);

Status of a Worker

To get the status of a worker, you can use the getTaskDetails() method.

$task_id = $iw->postTask('HelloWorld');
$details = $iw->getTaskDetails($task_id);

echo $details->status; # prints 'queued', 'complete', 'error' etc.

Get Worker Log

Use any function that print text inside your worker to put messages to log.

$task_id = $iw->postTask('HelloWorld');
$details = $iw->getTaskDetails($task_id);
# Check log only if task is finished.
if ($details->status != 'queued'){
    $log = $iw->getLog($task_id);
    echo $log; # prints "Hello PHP World!"

Loading the Task Data Payload

To provide Payload to your worker simply put an array with any content you want.

$payload = array(
    'key_one' => 'Helpful text',
    'key_two' => 2,
    'options' => array(
        'option 1',
        'option 2'

$iw->postTask('HelloWorld', $payload);

$iw->postScheduleSimple('HelloWorld', $payload, 10)

$iw->postScheduleAdvanced('HelloWorld', $payload, time()+3*60, 2*60, null, 5);

When your code is executed, it will be passed three program arguments:

  • -id - The task id.
  • -payload - the filename containing the data payload for this particular task.
  • -d - the user writable directory that can be used while running your job.

IronWorker provide functions getArgs() and getPayload() in your worker to help you using payload:

$args = getArgs();

echo "Hello PHP World!\n";


Setting progress status

To set current task progress, just call setProgress($percent, $message) inside your worker.

  • percent - A percentage value that can be set to show how much progress a task is making
  • msg - A human readable message string that can be used when showing the status of a task

To retrieve this data on client side, use $iw->getTaskDetails($task_id);

Full Documentation

You can find more documentation here:

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