postSchedule should be public, not private #10

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dxjones commented Jan 2, 2013

It is fine to have additional versions ( postScheduleSImple , postScheduleAdvanced ) as a convenience, but the actual postSchedule function, which takes options as an array, should be public.

There is no reason for it to be private.

By forcing me to use postScheduleAdvanced, I constantly need to refer back to the source code (IronWorker.class.php) to discover which parameters go in which position. This is a frustrating waste of time.

public function postScheduleAdvanced($name, $payload = array(), $start_at, $run_every = null, $end_at = null, $run_times = null, $priority = null)

By making postSchedule public, I can pass an associative array of named parameters, in whatever order I please.

private function postSchedule($name, $options, $payload = array())

I think you will agree, ... it would be best to make postSchedule public.


thousandsofthem commented Jan 4, 2013

Yeah, good idea.


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