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This is the code package for the pygments worker from the sample repository.

You can find the .worker file here.

runtime "ruby"

# include postgresql and activerecord
gem "pg"
gem "activerecord"

exec "pygments_worker.rb"

# Merging models
dir '../../app/models/'

full_remote_build true

Let's breakdown this file line by line:

  1. gem "pg" and gem "activerecord" will package up the two gems into the __gem__ folder in the root directory of the worker

  2. exec "pygments_worker.rb" will package up the pygments_worker.rb ruby file and this execute this file when a worker is run.

  3. dir '../../app/models/' means that we will go two directories up from our current directory (location of the .worker file) and then go into the app directory and then package up all the files in the models directory and then we will basically save the directory in the root directory of the worker. As you can see here.

  4. full_remote_build true means that for gems like pg which requires building native extensions. We will build the native extension on server.

More information

Here is the corresponding documentation on how to construct your .worker file.

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