Add support for grouped requests #3

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We are calculating an aggregate score based on a large number of cached individual scores. It would be very helpful to query, say, 50 keys at once, as opposed to sending 50 separate requests.

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A multi get function is definitely on our roadmap, will update here when it's done.


Thank you for your reply. This is the only issue that keeps us from using IronCache.


+1. This is a blocking issue for us as well.

@edsrzf edsrzf was assigned Feb 28, 2013
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Thanks guys, we're looking into this.

Just to be clear in terms of usage, you'd want to pass in a list of specific keys and get the results in one big json array?


Yes, for example a get which takes an array, and returns a hash. Also, Dalli for memcached has a multi block which allows for multiple set, update or add commands and batches them at the end of the block.

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