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emp123 commented Nov 5, 2012

I want to know that how can I make an app which will make a call on user's mobile at predefined time using twilio and iron.


treeder commented Nov 5, 2012

Hi @emp123 , you can check out this blog post:

It really doesn't matter what type of phone they are using, you can initiate a call to any phone. Also, you can use those Ruby examples even if your app is in a different language since they run separately from your app, you just queue/schedule them via our HTTP api:

Let me know if you need more help.

emp123 commented Nov 6, 2012

Hi treeder! Thanks for reply.
Actually I am not getting how to do this for windows phone 7? Should I write my logic on Iron + Twilio app at Iron.Io? But in that case I have a problem that is I want user will set Date and Time or Time parameter through his/her Windows Phone 7 device and at that time a call will schedule in my Twilio + Iron app and at that time a call (incoming call) will go on user's device. Can you suggest me how to do this means a communication in between Windows Phone 7 device and Iron? Is it possible to do?


treeder commented Nov 7, 2012

Hi @emp123 , try using this worker that you can out of the box, no coding required:

Just upload it to your account with iron_worker upload

Then you can just post tasks via our HTTP api, see the README for the curl command or review the docs in my comment above.


carimura commented Mar 12, 2013

Hey @emp123 -- closing this up as it's 4 months old and we like to keep feature requests / bugs in here...

We are happy to continue helping you on this issue if you'd like.. jump into live chat: or send an email to support [at]

@carimura carimura closed this Mar 12, 2013

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