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Bug when reading webhook URLs? #60

calebclark opened this Issue · 2 comments

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I'm running into an issue with webhook urls that is completely stopping me from getting webhooks up and running. It seems that IronWorker is only reading the first query param. For example, I get a "Token required for authentication" if I post the following with valid data:

curl -X POST -d "test=testing"

However, if I switch the code_name and oauth params around I get a "no code_name":

curl -X POST -d "test=testing"

I can't figure out any way to get an IronWorker webhook to be accepted. I see that you have documentation for this feature, but is anyone using it?




@calebclark just wrap url in quotes: curl -X POST ....."http://...."
It's terminal feature, not related to iron_worker API


Ah... idiot me. Thank you for your fast response.

@calebclark calebclark closed this
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