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A demo application showing off how to use Django middleware and IronMQ to do analytics on each request.


  1. Install Django
  2. Install Redis
  3. Install py-redis
  4. Sign up for IronMQ
  5. Set your IronMQ credentials:

    export IRON_PROJECT_ID="insert your project ID here"
    export IRON_TOKEN="insert your oauth token here"
  6. Clone this repo

  7. Set up your push queues
    • Go into the HUD and browse to your requests queue
    • In the box labeled “Push Information”, select “multicast” for the Push Type.
    • Leave Retries and Retries Delay at their default values.
    • Hit “Update Queue”. You’ve turned the queue into a push queue.
  8. Start redis: redis-server
  9. Start the app: python runserver
  10. Start the request worker: python
  11. Start the UA worker: python

Now when you load the page and refresh it a few times, your statistics should be collected.

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