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Rest Wrapper

HTTP/REST client wrapper that provides a standard interface for making http requests using different http clients. If no client is specified it will choose the best http client you have installed based on our performance tests.


  • All clients behave exactly the same:
    • Same error behavior
    • Same 30X redirect behavior
    • Same response object methods
    • Same way to access and manipulate requests and responses such as body, headers, code, etc.
  • Chooses best client you have installed on your system based on what we have found performs the best.
    • Currently net_http_persistent and typhoeus are nearly the same, but since net_http_persistent doesn't have a binary dependency, it wins.
    • You can run performance tests yourself by running: ruby test/test_performance.rb, quite a difference between the libs.
  • Handles 503 errors with exponential backoff.

Getting Started

Install the gem:

gem install rest

Create an Rest client:

@rest =

To choose a specific underlying http client lib:

@rest =>:typhoeus)

Supported http libraries are:

  • rest_client
  • net_http_persistent
  • typhoeus
  • internal - this gem's built in client.

Then use it:


@rest.get(url, options...)


  • :params => query params for url
  • :headers => headers

POST, options...)


  • :body => POST body
  • :headers => headers hash
  • :form_data => hash of fields/values, sent form encoded (only tested with default net-http-persistent)


@rest.put(url, options...)


  • :body => POST body
  • :headers => headers


@rest.delete(url, options...)


The response object you get back will always be consistent and will have the following functions:



If it didn't get a response for whatever reason, you will get a Rest::ClientError

If status code is 40X or 50X, it will raise an exception with the following methods.

err.response (which has body: err.response.body)