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Reading Barcodes In C#

A detailed C# tutorial showing how to use the BarCode package from Nuget to read Barcodes

 PM > Install-Package Barcode

using IronBarCode;
using System;

Topic Covered:

1 Get Started.cs

How to read almost any barcode or QR Code in 1 line of code.

2 Try Harder.cs

Improving performance by specifying barcode formats to scan, and using the TryHarder flag to find skewed or noisy barcodes, at the cost of some speed.

3 Read Multiple.cs

Reading one or many barcodes from documents and scans including

  • Images
  • PDF files
  • MultiFrame GIF and TIFF images
  • MultiThreading for faster performance

4 Reading Imperfect Barcodes.cs

Dealing with real world scenarios such as:

  • Reading Barcodes and QR from Photographs
  • Scanning PDF files for barcodes
  • Reading barcodes from small or thumbnail images

All BarcodeResult.Read methods provide the developer with control to correct image and photograph correction and straightening rotation and perspective from skewed images

  • RotationCorrection e.g BarcodeReader.BarcodeRotationCorrection.Extreme un-rotates and removes perspective from barcode images.
  • ImageCorrection e.g BarcodeReader.BarcodeImageCorrection.DeepCleanPixels separates Barcodes from background imagery and digital noise.
  • BarcodeEncoding e.g. BarcodeEncoding.Code128 Setting a specific Barcode format improves speed and reduces the risk of false positive results

Learn More

See the full tutorial at