A scala port of Basho's bitcask local k/v db
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A scala port of Basho's Bitcask - local key/value store (http://bitbucket.org/basho/bitcask)

The Bitcask is soooooooo simple(http://downloads.basho.com/papers/bitcask-intro.pdf), that I think I can write my own.

There are some different between Bitcask and bitcask-scala.
bitcask-scala set the valueSize to 0xFFFFFFFF as this record has been removed.
But Bitcask use <<"bitcask_tombstone">> as removed value.

I use RandomAccessFile, it will flush every writing.

And I do not implement lock, merge and fold.

I run it on my Intel Core Dou E6550, Mint 8 (32bit) PC. FASTER than Bitcask:)
(Scala 2.8.0.RC1)
8.927000 s for writing 1048576 k/vs
0.008513 ms per writing

19.451000 s for reading 1048576 k/vs
0.018550 ms per reading

(Scala 2.8.0.RC2)
8.728000 s for writing 1048576 k/vs
0.008324 ms per writing

18.691000 s for reading 1048576 k/vs
0.017825 ms per reading