Universal web application security sensor intended for real-time monitoring and defense.
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acinclude ilibxml2.m4: Include linking libxml2 with -l. Oct 12, 2015
automata ee.cpp: When asserts are off and the input is invalid, throw an appro… Oct 6, 2015
clipp clipp: Add missing input file. RNS-1682 Dec 8, 2015
codecheck cleanup: Remove managed collections fields and references (appears un… Feb 19, 2015
docs Update docs copyright date to 2016. Jan 4, 2016
engine engine.c: Move check for blocking mode before setting flags. RNS-1498 Nov 4, 2015
etc etc/ironbee.conf.example: Update with new predicate modules. May 30, 2014
example_modules When asserts disabled fallback to available error reporting. Oct 6, 2015
example_servers Update server error page callback to use const uint8_t *. Aug 12, 2015
experimental Re-do work undone by reverts merged from rns/master Aug 22, 2014
fast *.cpp: Disable warnings around boost includes that cause clang 3.6 an… May 12, 2015
ironbeepp context.cpp: Allow for C++ to easily access the context memory manage… Oct 5, 2015
modules Fix pcre dfa matching. Jan 6, 2016
predicate standard_string.cpp: Scop-down the disabling of a warning about non-v… Nov 4, 2015
servers ts_headers.c: Avoid unused values in NDEBUG builds. Nov 3, 2015
tests tests: Update googletest code. Sep 24, 2015
tools build: Do not install the modsec conversion script. Sep 30, 2014
.ctags CTags: Add .ctags file for project listing appropriate excludes. Feb 28, 2012
.gdbinit debugging: Add start of gdb macro file, .gdbinit, to aide debugging i… May 15, 2013
.gitignore stringencoders: Cleanup build and make sure it works with in-source-t… Feb 2, 2015
.mailmap Adjusting mailmap to map to qualys email. Mar 29, 2012
AUTHORS Update AUTHORS file with current list of authors. Jan 19, 2012
COPYING Squashed 'docs/docbook/' content from commit 98184ed May 12, 2012
DEVELOPMENT.adoc libs: Add stringencoders to included libs. RNS-1409 Feb 1, 2015
INSTALL docs: Update CHANGES and docs with addition of libhtp source. Nov 28, 2012
LICENSE Squashed 'docs/docbook/' content from commit 98184ed May 12, 2012
Makefile.am docs: Add first draft of IronBee Inspection Guide - build with "make … Aug 15, 2014
NOTICE Update copyright dates. May 20, 2015
README.adoc *.md: Change toplevel documentation to asciidoc. RNS-1131 Jul 18, 2014
autogen.sh Add comment to autogen.sh. Dec 21, 2011
get-version.sh Squashed 'libs/libhtp/' changes from 9e1a81a..4e1f27d Jul 23, 2013
ironbee_config_auto.h Everything: Replace — with --- to take advantage of doxygen 1.8… Sep 13, 2012



IronBee is a new open source project to build a universal web application security sensor. This repository contains the core IronBee engine and development framework for extending IronBee.