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autoconf/build: Fix broken configuring of ossp-uuid.

Previously on not specifying a path for uuid-config, ironbee would search
a fixed set of locations for uuid-config, rather than checking $PATH.  On
specifying a path using --with-ossp-uuid, it would trial by trying to
locate it within "sbin", "bin" under the directory specified by the user.

This has been fixed now.

--with-ossp-uuid has now been changed to --with-uuid-config, which now
expects a path to the directory containing the uuid-config binary.

Likewise, not specifying a path using --with-uuid-config, would make
configure search the $PATH variable.
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1 parent 37ca577 commit 009ada1fdd4a73a4ed6fceba87ebd1355fa156f9 @poona poona committed with b1v1r Feb 27, 2014
Showing with 23 additions and 57 deletions.
  1. +23 −57 acinclude/ossp-uuid.m4
80 acinclude/ossp-uuid.m4
@@ -16,67 +16,33 @@ OSSP_UUID_LIBS=""
- ossp-uuid,
- [AC_HELP_STRING([--with-ossp-uuid=PATH],[Path to ossp-uuid prefix or script])],
- [test_paths="${with_ossp_uuid}"],
- [test_paths="/usr/local /opt/local /opt /usr"])
-AC_MSG_CHECKING([for ossp-uuid])
-for x in ${test_paths}; do
- dnl # Determine if the script was specified and use it directly
- if test ! -d "$x" -a -e "$x"; then
- ossp_uuid_path=no
- break
- fi
- dnl # Try known config script names/locations
- for OSSP_UUID in uuid-config; do
- if test -e "${x}/sbin/${OSSP_UUID}"; then
- ossp_uuid_path="${x}/sbin"
- break
- elif test -e "${x}/bin/${OSSP_UUID}"; then
- ossp_uuid_path="${x}/bin"
- break
- elif test -e "${x}/${OSSP_UUID}"; then
- ossp_uuid_path="${x}"
- break
- else
- ossp_uuid_path=""
- fi
- done
- if test -n "$ossp_uuid_path"; then
- break
- fi
+ [ --with-uuid-config=PATH Path to uuid-config directory],
+ [with_uuid_config="$withval"],
+ [with_uuid_config="no"])
+if test "$with_uuid_config" = "no"; then
+ with_uuid_config=$PATH
+ uuid_config_specified="no"
+ uuid_config_specified="yes"
-if test -n "${ossp_uuid_path}"; then
- if test "${ossp_uuid_path}" != "no"; then
- OSSP_UUID="${ossp_uuid_path}/${OSSP_UUID}"
+AC_PATH_PROG(UUID_CONFIG, uuid-config, no, $with_uuid_config)
+if test "$UUID_CONFIG" = "no"; then
+ if test "$uuid_config_specified" = "yes"; then
+ AC_MSG_ERROR([The path specified for uuid-config doesn't seem to contain the program uuid-config. Please re-check the supplied path."])
+ else
+ AC_MSG_ERROR([Please install ossp-uuid. If you have ossp-uuid installed in a non-standard location, please specify a path to uuid-config using --with-uuid-config=PATH."])
- if test "$verbose_output" -eq 1; then AC_MSG_NOTICE(ossp-uuid CFLAGS: $OSSP_UUID_CFLAGS); fi
- if test "$verbose_output" -eq 1; then AC_MSG_NOTICE(ossp-uuid LDFLAGS: $OSSP_UUID_LDFLAGS); fi
- if test "$verbose_output" -eq 1; then AC_MSG_NOTICE(ossp-uuid LIBS: $OSSP_UUID_LIBS); fi
-if test -z "${ossp_uuid_path}"; then
- AC_MSG_NOTICE([*** ossp-uuid utility not found.])
- ifelse([$2], , AC_MSG_ERROR([ossp-uuid library is required]), $2)
- AC_MSG_NOTICE([using ossp-uuid ${OSSP_UUID}])
- ifelse([$1], , , $1)

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