Commits on Jan 6, 2016
  1. Fix pcre dfa matching.

    cpforbes committed Jan 6, 2016
    State was not always properly cleared when a match was found.
Commits on Jan 4, 2016
Commits on Dec 8, 2015
Commits on Dec 7, 2015
  1. Merge pull request #25 in RNS/ironbee from RNS-1674 to master

    b1v1r committed Dec 7, 2015
    * commit 'bebb6e58c40ee4850f43e84236d2ba14a58a79f8':
      module.lua: Remove debug code. RNS-1674
      module.lua: Add declare_txdata() fetchable via arg.txdata in handlers. RNS-1674
      module.lua: Set defaults in declare_config() earlier and minor cleanup. RNS-1674
Commits on Nov 23, 2015
  1. module.lua: Add declare_txdata() fetchable via arg.txdata in handlers…

    b1v1r committed Nov 23, 2015
    …. RNS-1674
        -- Example module code.
        local ibmod = ...
        -- Declare config and txdata for this module.
        local default_config = ibmod:declare_config {
            ibmod:num("cfg_num", 1)
        local default_txdata = ibmod:declare_txdata {
            ibmod:num("tx_num", 1)
        -- Increment tx_num on each call and write debug line.
        local function debug_state(tx)
            local cfg_num = tonumber(tx.config.cfg_num)
            local tx_num = 0;
            if tx.txdata ~= nil then
                tx_num = tonumber(tx.txdata.tx_num)
                tx.txdata.tx_num = tx_num + 1
            io.stderr:write(string.format("LUA HANDLER: cfg_num=%s tx_num=%s\n", cfg_num, tx_num))
            return 0
        -- Register handlers.
        -- Return IB_OK.
        return 0
        Prints something like:
        - LUA HANDLER: cfg_num=1 tx_num=1
        - LUA HANDLER: cfg_num=1 tx_num=2
        - LUA HANDLER: cfg_num=1 tx_num=3
        - LUA HANDLER: cfg_num=1 tx_num=4
Commits on Nov 16, 2015
  1. Squashed 'libs/libinjection/' changes from 768610b..778e2e2

    b1v1r committed Nov 16, 2015
    778e2e2 Merge pull request #94 from dijkstracula/dijkstracula/ar_invocation
    919cbf7 Merge pull request #93 from AndrewKahn/patch-1
    4bc0e74 Fix invocation of `ar` in src/Makefile
    fd69eb7 Typo in libinjection_xss.c
    54e9a6e Merge pull request #90 from ngo/master
    9612d27 python/ uses setuptools if possible
    d0c95d0 False positve
    e6c8eb9 false positives
    a56c5fc false positives, adjustment in handling of out
    7f4639d False Positives
    acbc1ec False positives
    549078e Remove false positive
    6fe132b false positive
    0ca4dab remove false positive
    1768a0e remove macosx-isms
    1e17a50 false positives
    07f84f9 fix up false positives
    43a8128 fix false positive
    3b3e8c7 false positives
    c74dd8b Fingerprint reduction project
    f621013 update false positives
    7aec66c false positives
    54ee491 Add bypass usused in angular.js
    e814e31 false positives
    bbbecc8 reduce bad fingerprints
    1d2b5c1 false positives with like
    e416a5a fix folding
    d47ae9c start of weeding out 0 arg functions like User()
    9c89bfe remove more false positives, bad fingerprints
    73a0832 Change table from keyword to none
    8793cd0 add another fp
    8407ed5 nuke another false positive
    e290250 fix test, improve false positive
    a666c6d fix test
    0452070 remove fingerprint that has no positives, and false positives
    d1746b8 Add false positive
    a0cc054 more ibm tests
    188f6ee fix some clang analyzer errors #85
    3d8c863 fixup fingerprints file (remove dup)
    35ee434 Correctly add new fingerprints, functions, etc
    e48ea23 update, closes #81 - FileToBLOB functions on IBM
    3aaab56 doco
    827cf63 Merge pull request #80 from ihacku/patch-1
    8dde57f Update
    50d2865 urlencode
    aa25766 update
    5450da5 urlencode
    c9226b8 urlencode
    567aec7 urlencode
    03e4df3 urlencode
    93ba211 sample urlencode
    ce814d0 whitespace
    dcec628 correctly url encode
    b24ebb4 correctly url encode
    7ff1989 fix case insensity issue
    6e76f7d fix url escaping
    154cee3 properly do URL escaping
    7ab8b17 properly do URL escaping
    efc52b0 formally escape % so everything is URL-encoded
    2f3f39d Allow for more specialization
    144543b remove trailing spaces
    1027e47 Minor changes to what is a valid number
    b1e2fbf whitespace
    dbe957a more c-specific tests to separate naming scheme
    0fec2db allow better specialization in alternative implementations
    2ab16cd Issue #78 - simplification of main sqli tokenizer loop
    2b28a13 Fix doco
    4fa0338 whitespace
    cac3110 rename
    37f3b6f add travis badge
    78a4532 add travis
    3966112 ignore shared libraries for now
    9bae2d3 fix linux builds
    cae401d default to linux
    1f3471f whitespace
    99cacc5 whitespace
    f3be487 fix install of headers
    e937ff7 fix make install
    62a29bb simple install target: make install
    a5a286c Merge pull request #73 from r--w/master
    68c68b8 Merge branch 'master' of
    c096d82 more build cleanups
    a28747b remove obsolete file
    23281c1 hack makefile for now
    0d63ad1 autotools delete
    fdae521 remove more autotools junk
    5454bb2 fix path name
    0bffd08 undo autotools
    7eed4d8 undo autotools insanity
    12a8a56 add basic shell test-driver, replacing autotools one
    87bf529 Go binding
    19a5049 Merge pull request #72 from ngo/master
    3263f1e Adds stddef include to swig interface file
    094b470 more autotools
    5d961ec more autotools
    71d00c0 more autotools
    68e0b13 more autotools
    85ecccc more autotools
    2f8a329 Commit up-to-date versions of autotool to make life easier
    6ac5775 ignore autogenerated files
    0a4c251 ignore generated file
    7708eee ignore autogenerated makefile
    eaeecba Ignore libtool directory
    0f222b3 Issue #71 fix and simplification of code
    3b5c540 Issue #71 - fix test case
    a82abe7 Issue #71 - test case for bug in memchr2
    b1a95e3 clang fix
    b843dfe comment out some pollers
    d7a25da Update year
    4d1ca51 home page fix links
    20893ee fix link to latest
    d8ead3b comment out some tests
    fb67b22 nice exit for clang results
    e4cdfc5 more clang
    dd1180b clang improvements for stringencoders
    de2ee9d more clang
    911e7f0 openssl csa
    ddf5325 fix typo
    a70c520 update clang static analysis tests
    7185140 cicada/
    9c102bf Lets try again with openssl
    9ff99d5 openssl dir fix
    a0b7621 openssl dir fix
    bee3b3d fix openssl coverage report
    f536115 scan-build fix
    20c355d various
    72dcc8c make -> make depend
    0a3601f add defines for cppcheck
    314f980 fix openssl coverage html generation
    d1ff370 fix coverage
    61b2991 fix test run
    47ab986 fix timeout
    2fa29b6 Bump default timeout
    44d146a fix valgrind
    5a5e973 fix vagrind under libtool
    f316658 Attempt to remove test harness from output
    54f5161 take 1000100 on gcov
    3215003 use static library to help gprof work correctly
    8e53dd7 take 100 on gprof, gcov
    947f266 fix invocation of libtool
    8be4ced externalize gprof
    b59bd48 get gcov, gprof in better shap
    2703c62 use libtool to invoke gprof
    5214712 gprof, gcov
    486c019 attempt to fix gcov and gprof tests
    ff87182 attempt to fix gcov and gprof tests
    b1fadc2 cleanup mruby build before clang static analysis
    d8efea5 publish valgrind report take 1
    add5ca2 Add back tests for python, php, lua
    cd5e8de attempt to fix clang static analyzer
    67bb113 fix valgrind stuff
    52a52a7 Set VALGRIND env varible
    c450671 Allow valgrind to be prefix executable
    c9883ac remove test-speed test as it is obsolete
    4640ca0 fix minimal perf requirements
    e8f8c3f lower speed threshold due to crappy hardware
    5339203 Fix clang -Weverything warning
    f35cea6 looks like a false alarm
    e9b82e9 Add declarations to make clang happy
    6ceb64c whitespace
    7db1a62 fix whitespace
    83a0125 Add comma
    12fa83e Add back cppcheck
    b10ab1a update make test -> make check
    018fc21 use correct file?
    a734512 use correct file?
    957ccac more help
    13fcc1f one more time
    4211f33 logging
    9aaa018 one more time
    97f0ba9 one more time for file stat
    995ae09 correct get source name
    9a738d2 fix file stat
    c30a657 fix names again
    5b0fa08 fix names again
    493bada allow single file renaming
    7f2621c fix name change
    325c3d0 whitespace
    5edd278 use correct path
    ca8c959 fix
    f78f8ef fix test driver take 4
    6e5ce92 fix test driver take 4
    4df0014 test log
    56ae0fb fix test driver take 4
    3ce2045 fix test driver take 3
    33b1d4e update test drivers
    67d4420 ignore autotest turds
    b469de2 fix comments
    029455b fix test driver
    2a22971 Add basic command line help
    160765f more makefile fixes
    f7b60f2 Merge pull request #69 from bizonix/patch-1
    3d2d660 fix paths
    2662268 Update Makefile
    f4c0779 Add make commandline tool for analysis of XSS and html5
    a280113 Issue #68: tests
    4ca1b69 autotool-isms
    1083e91 use debian best-practices for gcc hardening
    174fb24 autoconf 2.68/2.69 compatibility
    c6acdcc remove autogenerated files
    fa0f656 autotools cleanup
    3f80871 ignore more autotools
    6fb3e7c ignore autotools
    0852779 unit tests
    a610e89 remove junk
    0cfbf4b rework unit tests using autotools
    7a78662 more autotoolization
    5e38c4e start of autotoolification
    b6f5b84 start of process of autotoolization
    96315c3 fix lua
    78435aa fix lua
    d7364af fix lua
    97a5202 fix python module
    a306da1 update copyright
    6397929 fix lua/python wrappers
    1cf3e17 try to fix lua build
    0831d13 fix python module
    d9f4c37 fix comment parsing
    84cac3b update cloc count
    4f5d8db fix C++ warning
    af91c7b remove unused macro
    54eacd7 remove
    108a617 handle IE ending comment tag with embedded nulls --> -!>
    240c761 add shazzer data with attribution, and other vectors
    d27a9cd futher EUC-JP improvements
    14eae62 Fix off-by-1 errors that allowed bypass in EUC-JP character sets for javascript URLs
    117b84f cleanup -- move declarations of urldecode functions next to definitions
    41a1f72 add url-decode options to CLI
    437ac3d Issue #65 Fix MSVS problem with size_t
    0fa5e22 quick hack to make a shared library on linux
    fc98251 Merge branch 'master' of
    754f7f8 Merge pull request #62 from rcbarnett/master
    525b0b6 Added Shazzer XSS Vectors
    7810055 Merge branch 'master' of
    4890888 speed test for xss
    64a4cbb Add more IE-isms
    47e96a1 remove bogus entry in gcc file list
    1186e23 Use more liberal interpretation of whitespace for IE
    653f6ee Allow tag names to start with null char (IE-ism)
    3065639 Remove some unconfirmed cases, add notes
    b900474 Spelling error
    e5a0bfd remove dups and not-xss
    00df80c remove duplicates
    84c34a0 clean up test vectors
    8e6ea22 ignore
    b1976b5 use new api, test for xss in different html5 states
    9302b80 add new API to start html5 parsing a non-standard state
    107fe95 remove non XSS and not HTML5 vectors
    108263c Add samples extracted from Xenotix -- still WIP
    ff09c10 Ban fake tag <XSS> since its listed in owasp guide
    15b20ff remove obsolete gecko XSS
    e2d7822 add/remove test cases
    85b9a8f remove obsolete safari 4 xss
    f68968b Fix parsing of bogus comments in fake closing tag
    39b409e Fix parsing attribute names that start with "="
    b5ddb47 remove quoted version
    1e88df5 eliminate obsolete or unlikely tests
    bf44f67 remove obsolete XSS for opera
    f3542a7 remove invalid xss
    606b1d5 Fix special case-insentive compare with nulls, remove debug
    da4524d Allow nulls in html tag names, since some browsers apparently did
    886590d just print failures in XSS test
    1d248dc add public api for XSS
    71b7a64 cleanup stuff found by clang static analyzer
    0f647cb IE comment tag is blackbanned.. it has very weird parsing rules
    e6703a4 remove obsolete XSS usable in FF 3.6 etc
    61fb71b handle html encoded attribute values
    fd71521 add command line tester for html5 parser
    7784add Handle IE backtick quoted values
    d0e3f23 fix parsing bug
    ade3269 test for parsing bug
    1c9b802 fix mruby loc
    9978d36 fix test
    d329737 fix test
    de345f3 attempt to add mruby
    9768481 Fix test for use with g++
    38bad09 changelog
    git-subtree-dir: libs/libinjection
    git-subtree-split: 778e2e27782d01b7fdb2aeb19c1fd2da00df0683
Commits on Nov 9, 2015
  1. Merge pull request #24 in RNS/ironbee from ~SBASKINGER/ironbee:luadoc…

    b1v1r committed Nov 9, 2015
    … to master
    * commit 'f7aa1a54dbbefe146ffb0f9fdc17ffd487087e6b':
      lua.adoc: Adding section on Lua Module execution. Expanding Lua DLS documentation. Minor fixes from code review.
      lua.adoc: Adding Lua maintainer documentation.
Commits on Nov 6, 2015
  1. clippdev.adoc: Fixing typo.

    Sam Baskinger committed Nov 6, 2015
Commits on Nov 5, 2015
  1. lua.adoc: Adding section on Lua Module execution. Expanding Lua DLS d…

    Sam Baskinger committed Nov 5, 2015
    …ocumentation. Minor fixes from code review.
Commits on Nov 4, 2015
  1. standard_string.cpp: Scop-down the disabling of a warning about non-v…

    Sam Baskinger committed Nov 4, 2015
    …irtual destructors.
  2. Revert "ibmod_predicate_core.cpp: Experimental feature control Predic…

    b1v1r committed Nov 4, 2015
    …ate Graph Transformation."
    This reverts commit 268e75b.
    It did not make enough difference to keep.
  3. standard_string.cpp: Turn off a warning about non-virtual destructors.

    Sam Baskinger committed Nov 4, 2015
    This is a known design choice.
  4. standard_string.cpp: Turn off a warning about non-virtual destructors.

    Sam Baskinger committed Nov 4, 2015
    This is a known design choice.
  5. clipp/clippdev.adoc: Add some clipp developer-central documentation t…

    Sam Baskinger committed Nov 4, 2015
    …o add to what is in the clipp.adoc guide.
    This change also adds the make doc target to clipp/ to be
    consistent with predicate/
Commits on Nov 3, 2015
  1. error_page.cpp: Avoid unused values in NDEBUG builds.

    Sam Baskinger committed Nov 3, 2015
  2. modhtp.c: Avoid unused values in NDEBUG builds.

    Sam Baskinger committed Nov 3, 2015
  3. modhtp.c: Avoid unused values in NDEBUG builds.

    Sam Baskinger committed Nov 3, 2015
  4. ts_headers.c: Avoid unused values in NDEBUG builds.

    Sam Baskinger committed Nov 3, 2015
  5. engine/rule_logger_private.h: Changing #endif to #else.

    Sam Baskinger committed Nov 3, 2015
  6. core_context_selection.c: Remove unused variable used for only debug …

    Sam Baskinger committed Nov 3, 2015
  7. burp_generator.cpp: Do not scrub the trailing == of a base64 message.…

    Sam Baskinger committed Nov 3, 2015
    … RNS-1658.
    This change also includes a test from the Rules Team of an example Burp file.
  8. burp_generator.cpp: Remove all new lines and whitespace from strings …

    Sam Baskinger committed Nov 3, 2015
    …before attempting to base64 decode them.
    This protects stringencoders base64 decode from returning an error.
  9. clipp/ clipp_LDAADD already set in master.

    Sam Baskinger committed Nov 3, 2015