ib_conn_t struct leaking in webserver plugins #19

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niq commented Dec 9, 2011

This appears to affect both httpd and trafficserver plugins. Looks like low-hanging fruit I can easily fix.

An ib_conn_t struct is created for every connection, but never destroyed:

==1888== at 0x4C26FDE: malloc (vg_replace_malloc.c:236)
==1888== by 0xEA56939: ib_mpool_create_ex (mpool.c:90)
==1888== by 0xE8413BB: ib_conn_create (engine.c:381)
==1888== by 0xEC609FC: ironbee_plugin (ironbee.c:449)


niq commented Dec 11, 2011

Turns out this isn't the simple matter of adding ib_conn_destroy I supposed when this first showed up. That happens already in ib_state_notify_conn_closed. Evidently this is a deeper problem.


b1v1r commented Dec 12, 2011

Yep. Just need to call ib_conn_destroy() after ib_state_notify_conn_closed() in the plugins. Please fix.

(Nevermind - just saw your other comment, which never got emailed to me)

b1v1r was assigned Dec 15, 2011


ironbee commented Feb 15, 2012

With major recent changes to mpool code all mem leaks will be investigated as a task

ironbee closed this Feb 15, 2012

b1v1r removed their assignment Jan 4, 2016

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