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Sending a malformed http request causes Ironbee to fail to return a response #3

wmetcalf opened this Issue · 3 comments

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William Metcalf Brian Rectanus Iron Bee
William Metcalf

I get a response time-out waiting for this request... (\r\n after method and uri..) If I comment out the IronBee config in the apache conf the request is treated as an HTTP/0.9 request, and the response body is returned without headers.

GET /index.html


Host: boo

Content-Length: 9


Brian Rectanus
b1v1r commented

Apache ignores headers for a HTTP/0.9 request, but libhtp is trying to parse each line as a request. Libhtp needs to parse these like Apache if the personality is set correctly. However, currently there is not good personality support for libhtp in ironbee. This will have to wait a bit.

Iron Bee

Still an issue that needs to be addressed.

Brian Rectanus
b1v1r commented

I think this is fixed as of 3156814.

Brian Rectanus b1v1r closed this
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