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- support for packages as commands
- better ways to test
- tests for new features (options)
- more examples in /examples
- improving shell and abbrev plugin
- maybe an error/exception handling class [al newkirk]
- maybe a cmd usage help guide can be thrown on error
- App::Rad::Plugin::Log4perl (work in progress by mvitor)
- App::Rad::Plugin::Menu (work in progress by gabriel vieira)
- App::Rad::Plugin::Daemon (?) something to easily daemonize, get pids, ...?
- App::Rad::Plugin::Autoconf (register "x" option and get "--with-x", "--no-x", etc, just like autoconf)
- a plugin to create getters/setters as commands?
- maybe also something for...
- maybe there's a way to recongnize a program as an App::Rad program and let users autocomplete on *nix via /etc/bash_completion (could be worth investigating)
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