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Steroids for your perl one-liners. Does that mean steroids for your steroids? Is that even possible?
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Steroids for your perl one-liners. Is that even possible?


sudo cpan App::p


See App::p


Usage: p [-lneE etc] 'code'
    The code can make use of:
    r   to File::Slurper::read_text()
    w   to File::Slurper::write_text()
    S   to say()
    p   to print()
    dd  to Data::Dump::dd()
    jd  to JSON::encode (utf8/pretty)
    jl  to JSON::decode (utf8/allow nonref) a thing
    xd  to XML::Hash::LX::hash2xml()
    xl  to XML::Hash::LX::xml2hash()
    yd  to YAML::Dump()
    yl  to YAML::Load()
    xj  to convert an xml file to json
    jx  to convert a json file to xml
    get,head,getprint,getstore,mirror from LWP::Simple
    sum,first,min,max,zip,uniq,any,all,none ... all of List::AllUtils


p 'dd [File::Spec->path]'   # dynamically load arbitrary modules
p -pe 's/foo/bar/' foo.txt  # use your favorite options like -lane
p 'say "hello world!"'      # -E is assumed if no options are provided
p 'dd yl r "config.yml"'    # chain commands
p 'S sum 1,2,3,4'           # all of List::AllUtils is at your fingertips
p 'dd ExtUtils::Installed->new->modules' # list all installed modules
p '  dd xl r "/etc/xml/xml-core.xml"'    # print dump of hash converted xml
p 'p xd xl r "/etc/xml/xml-core.xml"'    # print xml converted from hash
p 'p get ""'         # print contents of url
p 'dd uniq map $_->{ostext}, @{ jl get "" }' # have fun!
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