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Revision history for App-p
0.0304 2013-02-10
Fixed unicode issues for jd, xd, and yd.
Thanks Stanislaw Pusep! (
0.0303 2012-12-28
Made a huge performance boost to improve startup time. Modules such as
File::Slurp, JSON, YAML and LWP are only loaded if needed.
Use L instead of Class::Autouse to fix issue with loading DateTime.
This used to not work: p 'S DateTime->today'
Thanks Stanislaw Pusep! (
0.0302 2012-09-13
Converted README.pod to markdown. This prevents installation of
Thanks Tommy Stanton!
0.0301 2012-07-31
xd should print results.
Thanks Philip Durbin!
0.0300 2012-02-28
Added support for LWP::Simple in place of IO::All.
0.0200 2012-02-28
Added support for IO::All and IO::All::HTTP.
Starting to use Pod::Usage.
0.0102 2012-02-10
Fixed help docs for xd and xl usage. Thanks datamuc.
0.0101 2011-12-01
Documented xml support.
0.0100 2011-12-01
Added support for xml. Thanks Stefan Petrea!
Added support for List::AllUtils.
0.0002 2011-09-28
Fixed typos in docs.
0.0001 2011-09-28
First version, released on an unsuspecting world.
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