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Fix help message #3

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Danijel Tasov fix help 61640e8


@ironcamel ironcamel merged commit c7fb160 into ironcamel:master

Would be great if you update lib/App/ as well.


The docs in App/ are already ok:

The problem was that they didn't match:

$ perldoc App::p | grep 'x[ld]  to'
            xd  to XML::Hash::LX::hash2xml()
            xl  to XML::Hash::LX::xml2hash()
$ p 2>&1 | grep 'x[ld]'            
    xd  to XML::Hash::LX::xml2hash 
    xl  to XML::Hash::LX::hash2xml

Oops :) You are right. I wish there was a good way to not have to duplicate this between the 2 files. Maybe there is a way with pod2usage.


@datamuc, your changes have been pushed to CPAN . Thanks again.

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Commits on Feb 8, 2012
  1. fix help

    Danijel Tasov authored
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  1. +2 −2 bin/p
4 bin/p
@@ -12,8 +12,8 @@ Usage: p [-lneE etc] 'code'
dd to Data::Dump::dd()
jd to JSON::XS::encode (utf8/pretty)
jl to JSON::XS::decode (utf8/allow nonref) a thing
- xd to XML::Hash::LX::xml2hash
- xl to XML::Hash::LX::hash2xml
+ xd to XML::Hash::LX::hash2xml
+ xl to XML::Hash::LX::xml2hash
yd to YAML::Dump()
yl to YAML::Load()
sum,first,min,max,zip,uniq,any,all,none ... all of List::AllUtils
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