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CodeJail is a scalable and generic sandboxing system for securely running
code in any language.
+The code behavior can be verified and the results reported via a callback url.
+# Prerequisites
+In order to install the dependencies, you will need cpanminus.
+This package is provided by most modern linux distros.
+For example, you can install it on Debian/Ubuntu based systems via:
+ apt-get install cpanminus
+Or you can install it manually by running:
+ curl -L | perl - --sudo App::cpanminus
+# Installation
+First, download the source code and cd to the project folder:
+ git clone git://
+ cd CodeJail
+Install the dependencies:
+ sudo cpanm --installdeps .
+Install the Message Queue. This can be installed on a remote server or the
+same server as the CodeJail worker.
+ sudo cpanm POE::Component::MessageQueue
+# Configuration
+# Usage
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