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# We need at least Perl 5.8.2 for proper Unicode support
require 5.008002;
use strict;
# Load the Module::Install bundled in ./inc/
use inc::Module::Install;
# Get most of the details from the primary module
all_from 'lib/Graph/';
requires 'Scalar::Util' => 1.13;
requires 'perl' => 5.008002;
recommends 'Graph::Easy::As_svg' => 0.23;
build_requires 'Test::More' => 0.62;
license 'gpl';
author 'Tels <>';
install_script 'bin/graph-easy';
# Do not index these
no_index directory => 'examples';
no_index directory => 'bench';
no_index directory => 'todos';
# Generate the Makefile
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