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GraphSpace is a web based graph/network visualization tool and data store. See for more information.


Installation is very easy using cpanminus. Just cd to the project folder and run:

sudo cpanm --installdeps .

Note that the above command may take a long time to complete, so be patient. If you don't have cpanminus, you can install it by running:

sudo cpan App::cpanminus


curl -L | perl - --sudo App::cpanminus


Make sure to update the dsn, user and password values for your database in the config.yml file. You will need "create table" privileges the first time you deploy, because GraphSpace will automagically create the tables it needs if they don't exist. Then just run:

plackup -s Starman -p 5000 ./bin/

Now you can visit http://localhost:5000 and your app should be running.

There are many other ways to deploy GraphSpace. The above way is the simplest and will meet the needs of most users. GraphSpace is simply a Plack/PSGI application written using the Dancer web framework. You can visit Dancer::Deployment for more information on deploying Dancer based applications.


GraphSpace provides a web based ReSTful API for managing your graphs. For documentation, see the Help tab in the application, or just visit We recommend that you use the Perl API bindings Net::GraphSpace for interacting with the API.