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Revision history for Net-Rackspace-Notes
1.0000 2011-06-05
* Notes are listed sorted by last modification date.
* Cmd line options are simpler: racknotes show 7, instead of
racknotes show --num=7
* Building with Dist::Zilla
0.0200 2010-09-14
* Added the replace command.
* Added the method put_note.
0.0103 2010-09-14
* Use Parallel::ForkManager.
* Fixed a bug where notes where generated in a different order between
subsequent commands.
0.0102 2010-09-14
* Improving documentation.
0.0101 2010-09-13
* Updated pod and README to correctly reflect the new usage.
* Users can now just provide their email and not their password in the
config file. Then they will only be prompted for their password when
they run racknotes.
* Config::General is no longer a dep.
0.0100 2010-09-12
* Removed MooseX::Declare sugar.
* Prompt users to enter login info if ~/.racknotes is missing.
* Use App::Rad and treat first element in ARGV as a command.
- Now it's racknotes add --subject=foo instead of racknotes --add=foo
0.0002 2010-09-11
* Minor change to Makefile.PL
0.0001 2010-09-11
First version, released on an unsuspecting world.