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namespace IronFoundry.Vcap
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.IO;
using System.Net;
using IronFoundry.Types;
public interface IVcapClient
string CurrentToken { get; }
string CurrentUri { get; }
void ProxyAs(VcapUser user);
Info GetInfo();
void Target(string uri);
void Target(string uri, IPAddress ipAddress);
string CurrentTarget { get; }
void Login();
void Login(string email, string password);
void ChangePassword(string newPassword);
void AddUser(string email, string password);
void DeleteUser(string email);
VcapUser GetUser(string email);
IEnumerable<VcapUser> GetUsers();
void Push(string name, string deployFQDN, ushort instances, DirectoryInfo path,
uint memoryMB, string[] provisionedServiceNames);
void Update(string appname, DirectoryInfo di);
void BindService(string appName, string provisionedServiceName);
void CreateService(string serviceName, string provisionedServiceName);
void DeleteService(string provisionedServiceName);
void UnbindService(string provisionedServiceName, string appName);
IEnumerable<SystemService> GetSystemServices();
IEnumerable<ProvisionedService> GetProvisionedServices();
void Stop(Application app);
void Stop(string appName);
void Start(Application app);
void Start(string appName);
void Restart(Application app);
void Restart(string appName);
void Delete(Application app);
void Delete(string appName);
Application GetApplication(string appName);
IEnumerable<Application> GetApplications();
byte[] FilesSimple(string appName, string path, ushort instance);
VcapFilesResult Files(string appName, string path, ushort instance);
string GetLogs(Application application, ushort instanceNumber);
IEnumerable<StatInfo> GetStats(Application application);
IEnumerable<ExternalInstance> GetInstances(Application application);
IEnumerable<Crash> GetAppCrash(Application application);
void UpdateApplication(Application application);
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