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vcap modifications for ASP.NET
C# XSLT Other
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build Added all partial classes for requests, responses and handlers.
common Merge refactor branch into master.
images Saving cloud data is working better.
src Add checks for a null container to resume gracefully
tools Added tool to manage user profiles
.gitattributes Added support for clr20 and clr40 runtimes. Bump to 1.8.0
.gitignore Update ignore file to remove JustCode files
.gitmodules Begin implementing run request handler... Build instructions. Update
IronFoundry.sln.DotSettings Fix usings placement
LICENSE.txt Added license information for included software. More work on per-app… Build instructions.
build.bat Added all partial classes for requests, responses and handlers.

Iron Foundry is an implementation of Cloud Foundry that is tightly integrated with the .NET Framework. It can support multiple frameworks, cloud providers, and application services all on a cloud scale platform.

Find out more at

See the build instructions for how to build from source locally.

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