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IronFoundry v1 component

Copyright (c) 2009-2011 VMware, Inc.

== What is Cloud Foundry?

Cloud Foundry is an open platform-as-a-service (PaaS). The system supports
multiple frameworks, multiple application infrastructure services and
deployment to multiple clouds.

== What is this component

The services repo contains a collection of sample cloud foundry services.
The repo has a position in the overall vcap namespace at
vcap/services and uses the git submodule mechanism to be mounted in that location.
The code is exposed via the vcap-services repo.

== License

Cloud Foundry uses the Apache 2 license.  See LICENSE for details.

== Installation Notes

Complete installation notes are present in the README for vcap

== Unit Test Instructions

To run the unit test of each service, go to the folder of the service, run

bundle install --deployment --without development production

, which will install the necessary gems for you, then do

bundle exec rake spec

to run the unit tests. Please note that you might need necessary binary files to
pass the unit test. Normally these binaries are required to be installed in
accordance to the path specified in the config file, i.e., the .yml file in
the config directory. The nats information might also need to be updated to match
the configuration of the nats server.

== File a Bug

To file a bug against Cloud Foundry Open Source and its components, sign up and use our
bug tracking system:
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