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requirements.txt Mark release Nov 4, 2012


Jules is a static blog generator named after a victorian-ish era literary or intellectual character, because apparently that's a trend now.

Jules processes a list of input directories called packs. A few packs are included to provide useful parts of a website. As of this time, Jules ship with HTML5 Boilerplate, LESS CSS, Bootstrap, and Atom XML Feeds.

Files from the source packs are grouped by their base name, the filename without extensions. A bundle could include a YAML configuration file, a Jinja2 template, or other files. The bundles of files are processed together to output files. By default, the files in the bundle are simply copied.

Restructured text files in a bundle are parsed as the bundle content, YAML files are parsed as the bundle meta data, and Jinja2 templates are used to render output HTML.

Packs Bundles Files
HTML5 Boiler Pack base js/jquery.min base.j2 lib/jquery.min.js
LESS CSS Pack js/less.min js/less.min.js
Your site pack site_base site_base.j2
index index.j2
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